We Buy Any Car without any Hassle

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We Buy Any Car without any Hassle


We Buy Any Car If you are looking to sell your car without any hassle, we offer to buy any car owned by you.  One of the major problems faced by sellers of cars is, their data is often traded with others.  We offer to buy any car for instant cash without imposing any restrictions on the deal.  We process all your transactions with highest possible transparency.  We usually pay within 30 minutes of finalizing the transaction.

We buy any car from you irrespective of the condition of your vehicle.  We buy any car for cash even if you still have a payoff outstanding.  You will receive the excess amount after pay off.  If you have a car met with an accident, we have good news for you.  We even buy car with accident history and offer better price than most of our competitors.

Before We Buy Any Car, you can get an instant offer quotation from us free of cost.  Just go through 3 simple steps to get your instant valuation report from us in most hassle free and user friendly way.  All you need to do is select Year of Purchase, Make and Model of your car and you are done.  It cannot be simpler to get Free and instant offer for your car than our user friendly and interactive online interface. Some additional details may be required before we buy any car from you like body type, Mileage etc., for giving more accurate valuation.

Provide us your contact details for sending you best instant offer to buy any car from you.  Our offer which you receive is without any obligation on your part.  While most other online car buyers enforce a deal with counter offers to sell other cars, we do not sell cars in return.  We are only the buyers of any old car but without any requirement of buy some other car from us.  Some online sites just exist for the sake of collecting leads from prospective customers and sell their data to other dealers.

We buy your car in hassle-free way with a better price (Our Analysis shows that on comparison, 95% of time our offers are better than our competitors).  Along with our friendly service, our Offers to buy are almost always higher than most of our competitors.  Unlike, some of our competitors who charge even for initial valuation, we offer FREE and instant valuation.  Our instant valuations report are reliable provided honest data is provided about your car at the time of availing our free instant online valuation report for cars.

Some of our competitors give high valuations at valuations stage but they offer the lowest price at the time of inspection.  The actual price the seller get may be very low than what they initially offer.  This puts sellers at a disadvantage and they will not be able to realize the fair price they deserve.  As most of the people are selling their cars for immediate cash requirements, due to lack of time and immediate requirement of money they are not left with no option than accepting whatever the buyer offers.

Unlike our USP of “We buy any car”, most of the companies do not buy many models from sellers.  With our vast network of dealers spread all over the country, we are able to offer 24/7 instant online quotations free of cost.  Further our range of buying any cars includes those vehicles not running to high end luxury car models exceeding one lakh dollars.

We may buy your car even at higher than the referenced prices depending on the model, make etc.,  Your car selling process need not be hectic and make you feel inferior while negotiating a deal.

Just follow the 3 step process to sell your car at the price it deserves.

  1.  Get a Free and Instant Valuation Report.
  2. Get your car to any of our locations for an inspection.
  3. Walk away with cheque after inspection, on the spot.

Instant Offer

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What do you do with my vehicle after I sell it?

Typically, newer model vehicles are repaired and then resold through our extensive network of dealers and auctions. Older wrecked and mechanically challenged vehicles are usually dismantled for parts.


How long does it take to get paid for my vehicle?

Our process takes 30 minutes or less to get you paid.


What if I have a salvaged title?

We are unable to purchase your vehicle unless you have a clean title.


What if I can’t find the Title to my vehicle?

Unfortunately in order to get you Cash for your car we need to have a title with the vehicle.


What if my vehicle has been in an accident?

Yes, while other companies might not buy wrecked vehicles, we buy almost any vehicle, in any condition.


What if I owe more on my vehicle than it’s worth, can I still sell it?

Yes, you pay the difference between your payoff and our offer and we’ll pay the bank directly.


What if my vehicle has a balance to payoff?

We will pay off your loan and write you a check for the difference.


How much is my vehicle worth?

Every vehicle is based on a current market value, mileage and condition. You can find out your vehicles value by completing our Offer Form.


Do you buy vehicles that are not running?

Yes, will give you cash for your vehicle even if it is not running.


What types of Vehicles do you buy?

We buy all types of vehicles. We buy any vehicle regardless of age, make, model and condition.

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